The Conscious Partnership

At The Conscious Partnership we help couples create a relationship that supports both of you. We call this Co-Partnering.

Co-partnering is a collaborative process of relationship building. With our therapeutic techniques we support you with deepening self awareness to set the groundwork for sustainable changes to maintain a lasting, conscious relationship with your partner.

Couples who are experiencing stress, anger or disconnection find that our specialized approach can help them to heal together, improve the quality of their connection, and strengthen their bond.

Are you ready to build the conscious partnership you want?

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Natalie Spautz, LMFT is a licensed Psychotherapist with 20 years of experience dedicated to helping people heal inclusively. She believes that by becoming conscious of the ways we defend against love and connection and finding more compassionate and workable ways of relating to ourselves and others helps us to find what we truly want and need in life. Schedule a free 15 minute call below.